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Another brick in the wall / 147

Hej friends,

I’ve been out  on a city tour with some friends & Sydney’s suburbs are full of beautiful & exciting brick houses & buildings. Our first house was in red brick, even though we said, anything but a brick house. It turned out well anyhow & we lived there long enough to renovate the entire house before we moved. I have not always been particularly fond of brick as material. Maybe because I felt that those houses was cold & without soul when I was younger. I grew up in a society that largely consisted of wooden houses, since it was traditionally, the material used in the construction industry …& that still is. What else can you expect from a country that is covered by forest. I love wood in all kinds of shapes, it’s an unbeatable material.

We once had a recreation room with a red brick wall around the fireplace while the other walls were pine paneling. I thought long to paint the brick wall white, but never got started, I think deep down, I wanted to keep the natural red brick as it was. That said, it’s nice with brick houses but I also think it’s exciting to let a brick wall be visible, in a room together with other materials. It adds another dimension, an additional structure that provides warmth & character. Let’s take a look at the different interiors below…

Such a nice feature wall in natural stone that looks so good with white furniture / Ustagerimez

Yet another image with white furniture but here’s the bricks in white too / Countryliving

A great brick wall in burned blacks & browns / Nomad

Fantastic stone floor in grey-black to an incredibly fine masonry wall in grey / Bobedre

 A red brick wall that goes so well against the white ceiling, the birch bench board & black floor / Prepfection

Fabulous with the fresh appearance – high ceiling, arched shape plus white & black furniture / Pinterest

It is quite enough with a wall piece as well, it becomes a nice touch in the room / Stockholmvitt

Talk about beautiful interior with built in appliances in black & the kitchen island. It’s just great / Rantala

Light & fresh environment with bricks that creates some warmth with its colour & structure / The Fancy

A wonderful room with wooden roof where the masonry fireplace becomes the centre piece / Atlantahomesmag via Justbesplendid

I seem to unconsciously select images with a lot of white but I have say that it looks good together with the burnt brick colour / Desiretoinspire

Good use of the space under the stairs with the bar & the exciting brick wall / Frenchbydesign

Small but effecient space with a wonderful floor & exposed bricks / Designedforlife

Nice & exciting combination / Frenchbydesign

Take care / Marie

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