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Table setting

Harmonic table setting in soothing blue with hints of wood. The tablecloth in linen gives a homely touch.


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It is a lot of festivities and events this time of year. At home, at work & with friends. Sometimes it’s not so much about what is offered but more about how to experience the environment and how it feels. And that can be easily achieved with relatively simple means and a little creativity. Tablecloth, napkins, lots of candles of various heights and many translucent vases and glass for the transparent effect’s sake – especially toward evening.




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Decor outdoor

A table, a bench & some stools to the balcony or patio, can with simple means turns into an oasis with tablecloth, seat cushions & other textiles.


Take care / Marie

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These tablecloths are not used many times during the year, but suddenly they appear in different formats and colours, to help out with celebrations.

It’s always nice with tassels …


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, set the table

I like to tables in simple manner & not overburden with decorations. It’s not always easy to know when to quit. Many times, I think it gets too busy.  Some decorations such as fresh flowers or candlesticks are in the way of conversations & eye contact. Understand me right, it’s certainly beautiful, but not always functionally. Taste-wise, I prefer tablecloths covering the entire table. Linen or Cotton fabric, with very simple patterns. (if some at al) It might not sound exciting but it becomes nice enough & makes the entire room with all invited, less stressed or busy. To exaggerate a little, on occasions like Christmas, works fine 🙂

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Take care / Marie

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