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I have been shopping tablecloths for our long table, actually two tables in a row. I have not had time to look over it earlier & it actually does a lot for a  homely feeling. We gather for dinner together most days of the week. If not dinner, then at least a breakfast joint. Very important for the family & important for us to connect & catch up with the everyday life.

After a big birthday party for my oldest son, UNi & HSC studies for both – well, I have decided to wait a couple of weeks until they have completed those important & stressful events. It looks very messy but that’s life at times.
Meanwhile, here’s some inspiration that I have found, for you to enjoy.

SAdecor&design Fresh transparent thin fabric with green tones / SAdecor&design

pinterest.comHomely sturdy textiles / pinterest.com

koitivinkki.fiGreat graphic pattern / koitivinkki.fi

bloodandchampagne Dramatic but still rustic / bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com

79ideas_kitchen_dining_areaInviting / 79ideas

idyllhome.co.ukSimple & romantic / idyllhome.co.uk

vtwonen Mix of several cloths / vtwonen

villanagorlunda.blogspot.comLayers / villanagorlunda.blogspot.com

jellysundae.tumblr.comTimeless / jellysundae.tumblr.com

homedecorobsession.tumblr.comWhite on white / homedecorobsession.tumblr.com

mylovelythingsSimple / mylovelythings

mormormartasCottage style / mormormartas

linum.seSummery feeling / linum.se

country-green-kitchen-Ideal-Home-housetohomeBeige / white & soft / housetohome

sweetpaulmagazineDecorated / sweetpaulmagazine

Take care / Marie

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Dinner time

The best way ever to entertain, I believe, is to get together over a meal, eat, drink & discuss. The meaning of life, human differences, world history or simple everyday pleasures. Talking points are important but more importantly are the group of people that you surround yourself with. Those who makes the difference – who makes you feel comfortable, feel good & warms you … in body & soul … including the dining area!

Cozy, comfortable, nice, pleasing – things that matters, sometimes more than the food you are served. Environments depends on what you prefer or are used to. It’s rarely about impression, in the true sense. It contributes to the atmosphere, of course. I would lie if i said that space or environment wasn’t important. But the point is that it’s more important with the people participating. The personalities that makes the event. From the topics of discussion, to the life they have lived, their attitude to things. A certain smile, a silence that is pleasant or a constant cackling taking place but that is contagious.

Amidst all this, the common dining area is also part of the whole. That which creates wellbeing, together with the aromas & flavors, lit candles plus mood lighting, AND the music. So, to sum ​​it all up – space, enables the place & the individuals makes the event. I hope this makes sense in english 🙂

anothercountry.comSimple wooden furniture and a large lamp that becomes like a roof / anothercountry.com

interiorphotosSimple & colourful / interiorphotos

addsimplicity Simple again but still grand / addsimplicity

desiretoinspire Outside, under a green roof / desiretoinspire

elle interiör Sloping roof, green plants & lit candles / elleinterior.se

convoy It immediately becomes homey with white tablecloth / convoy

interiormagasinet.hegnar.noTextiles makes a big difference for comfort & atmosphere / interiormagasinet.hegnar.no

sanna&saniaA white environment makes it easy to change color when the mood takes you /  sanna&sania

sweetpaulmagazineTablecloth, plants & accessories / sweetpaulmagazine

bobedreThere’s no need for decorations at times / bobedre.no

norrgavel.seSimplicity is a virtue / norrgavel.se

onlystyles.ruRomantic feeling / onlystyles.ru

stadshem.seNice kitchen with room for many / stadshem

sanna&saniaPleasant colours / sanna&sania

scandiconceptFurniture in harmonious blend / scandiconcept

Take care / Marie

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