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Beautiful things

Beautiful things are needed in one’s surroundings to make life easier. A few well-chosen things in the right place in various rooms makes the world’s difference.


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It is a lot of festivities and events this time of year. At home, at work & with friends. Sometimes it’s not so much about what is offered but more about how to experience the environment and how it feels. And that can be easily achieved with relatively simple means and a little creativity. Tablecloth, napkins, lots of candles of various heights and many translucent vases and glass for the transparent effect’s sake – especially toward evening.




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I have a penchant for furnishing that may not always be appreciated in the family. Like this solution with furniture along the wall instead of being positioned opposite each other.



Take care / Marie

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Stone / glass

Hard & brittle, stone & glass – nice combination – especially the colours of the vases that complement each other.

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Take care / Marie

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Great vases of various sizes and shapes – excellent to use for green leaves & plants. Very beautiful in its simplicity..



Take care / Marie

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