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A Swedish apartment for sale, furnished in the typical Scandinavian style with a focus on function & aesthetics. A small space living with many nice details.

Credit: stadshem

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Daily inspiration, pattern

Sometimes it is nice with a solution that might or might not be ready, but still adds an interesting aspect or just work as it is. Such as this patterned piece in a place with no other function than to just be there – and look interesting.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, open up

This is very appealing, don’t you think? It’s an easy way to open up to the outside world. It looks charming & makes you crave for a long weekend with infinite time – to just hang around.

dustjacketattic.blogspot/ dustjacketattic.blogspot

Take care / Marie 

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Daily inspiration, accessories

I am a big fan of accessories, whether it’s for the home, clothing and other paraphernalia. This image shows how nice it can become with kitchen accessories. They embellish the daily life such as this kitchen, in this case. Nice accessories combine business with pleasure, pure & simple – where business is the cooking then 🙂

lessismore.fi/ lessismore.fi

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, space

Long benchtop with extra deep surface including surface along the wall for easily accessible items. Nice with masonry wall to a light wooden bench top & those white door-cabinets. It’s also nice to not have the usual top cabinets, which means you get a more airy impression. Definitely easy to be several who cooks at the same time.


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