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So many different ways to change your kitchen with simple means and create different expressions – with function, quality & aesthetics in focus.










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Daily inspiration, homey

I like this homey & very personal kitchen. It was featured in a Swedish magazine rather recently. White flooring, white walls & a lovely blue colour on kitchen cabinets. Very organised & lovely with all visible household utensils.

skonahem / skonahem.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, accessories

I am a big fan of accessories, whether it’s for the home, clothing and other paraphernalia. This image shows how nice it can become with kitchen accessories. They embellish the daily life such as this kitchen, in this case. Nice accessories combine business with pleasure, pure & simple – where business is the cooking then 🙂

lessismore.fi/ lessismore.fi

Take care / Marie

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Layer upon layer

The other day on the beach … a lady arrived rather heavily dressed, covering herself from the sun. Well, it’s impossible to stay like that in the heat. So she started taking of her BIG scarf, then her blouse & her t-shirt. Then she took off her sun hat following with shoes & her socks. And for every layer she took off, she then smeared on a layer of sun cream. This took a long while for her to do. She was fully occupied, that by the time she was finished, she went on with the parasol to get it attached in the sand.

To do that, she started to put on her clothes, layer by layer until she completed the procedure with her sun hat. Again, just to keep away from the sun. Well, once she got that done, she sat down to finally enjoy the heat. But it only took her a short while to change her mind. So up again, on with each piece, socks, shoes, sun hat, sun glasses & her big scarf & she went off …  just to walk, not more then 20 meters to the coffee shop in the corner. I stopped watching by that time so you will unfortunately not know how this story ended. I guess she went back with her – whatever she bought – to start all over again with all her garments. Just to find out that she needed to visit the bathroom. And here we go agin…

It got me thinking anyway. But not so much that I had to blog about people or behaviours but more so about layers.


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Take care / Marie

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