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Any space can be beautiful despite the size. This rustic beauty is an attic in an old building. The mix of old & new furniture & the use of different textiles creates a harmonious warm & welcoming atmosphere. And the antiques adds a special feel to the whole experience.

Credit: a.cotswold.lifestyle
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Sober maturity

It might be wrong to call these images for “mature” but by that I mean a more adult style, more conventional. It is perhaps not quite the right expression – traditional, understandable, predictable, classical, timeless & so on. A bit of a hotel feeling, perhaps a little impersonal because it’s not decorated, in the sense that it doesn’t overflows with things. Few well chosen items such as art, antiques that breathes style, heavy draped curtains & so on.

It’s usually liberating environments with everything in its place. Often organised, very tidy & neat. It can of course be colourful, slightly playful but in a sober manner. Still, in lots of different styles – classical, city, rural, modern, as well as various expressions & materials of course.

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Daily inspiration, antiques

Sweet things for the eye in our everyday, isn’t that wonderful, really – for the well being, at least. I think it makes us humans more friendly & more compassionate when we have nice & beautiful things around us. It might sound silly but it’s about the beauty in things & in people. Not perfection but valuable things that has certain memories connected to them. Or people that has certain behaviours, smiles, insight or other, that makes them irreplaceable. It is about the feeling things or individuals create within us. One cannot go on collecting people, but you can surround yourself with them as well as other things you happen to like too.

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Take care / Marie

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