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Very Swedish

A very Swedish bright interior with the typical light feel – white walls, floors & in this case, with furniture from different time periods in a pleasant, charming mix – and perhaps somewhat little more “mature” in style.

henriknero via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Scandi apartment

Three interior designers given the task to style the same apartment in Stockholm, in their own way – with amazing inspiring results. This is such a refreshing Scandinavian furnishing with the spacious & mature style. Lovely crisp bright feel.

Take a look at: skonahem.com for more inspiration.






Take care / Marie

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Sober maturity

It might be wrong to call these images for “mature” but by that I mean a more adult style, more conventional. It is perhaps not quite the right expression – traditional, understandable, predictable, classical, timeless & so on. A bit of a hotel feeling, perhaps a little impersonal because it’s not decorated, in the sense that it doesn’t overflows with things. Few well chosen items such as art, antiques that breathes style, heavy draped curtains & so on.

It’s usually liberating environments with everything in its place. Often organised, very tidy & neat. It can of course be colourful, slightly playful but in a sober manner. Still, in lots of different styles – classical, city, rural, modern, as well as various expressions & materials of course.

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