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Record player

Listening to music 🎵 on a new record player but old vinyls. Moments 👍

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Golden days 

I guess I have to admit that I’m probably a bit of a dinosaur. It’s to a large extent that what was once, still appeals to me.
I like the feeling an old beautiful gramophone, let it be vintage or classic timeless style. It’s the raspy sound whit the disc & needle. Including the sound that feels authentic & genuine. It’s a lot of listening when we are gathered as family – seems like everyone
is keen on old traditions. (the gramophone is an old habit, a must during holidays when we have more time).



Take care / Marie

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Our gramophone pops up at various family celebrations.

Then the records are played & new ones have been purchased for the occasion.

Sound quality discussions & conversations starts about how genuine & authentic this is compared with the mass industry – by our sons – who then forgets the whole thing until the next family gathering.


Take care / Marie

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Christmas music

Christmas music everywhere I go – at work, shopping centre, restaurants – to get people in the mood, I guess. I still find it hard to get the feel for Christmas when it is summer & 35 degrees. But I’m trying…


Take care / Marie

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Christmas wish list

 We have the same Christmas songs going in the background every year – not much variation except for a “new” song added to the list once a year.

At times it’s just Michael Buble, that I got as a gift from my son many years ago, in the beginning of his career I think. I suspect my son bought the record because he liked him too 🙂



Take care / Marie

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