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There are lots of restaurants on our street, just around the corner.

One serves my favourite vegetarian pasta with  eggplants.

They also serve my darlings favourite gnocchi with Italian spicy sausages.

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Finger food

This time of year, it’s a great deal of friends & many events to gather around. There are dinners, lunches, coffees or a just over a glass of wine.

For our part, it’s often the simple things that becomes most successful.
Finger foods that do not need preparation & easy to put together in an attractive manner.



Take care / Marie

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daily inspiration, belts

These belts were a big thing once, when I was still in high school. Just as flight overalls who’s back again, with this typical model of belt around the waist. You twisted it through the ring once and then left the end to hang loosely and casually at the front. The vast majority were plain coloured with metal buckle, at that time. These are Italian and hyper-modern in masculine style.


Take care / Marie

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