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Affogato, a great Italian dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream & freshly brewed espresso. The word affogato itself means “drowned” in Italian.

Credit: williamsonoma
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Need inspiration for the New Years dessert – how about this ice cream cone in chocolate shell? The cone is made of milk chocolate ice cream with a shell of chocolate. Drip liquorice syrup to give it an edge to the mild ice cream – it provides a tasty, adventurous& beautiful ice cream dessert fit for a festive evening.

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An old late 80s dessert – fried banana with ice cream & chocolate sauce. Not as common today perhaps, but a classic.




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Appetising tropical passionfruit ice-cream meringue, sandwiches, pies or sorbets. Excited? Log into gourmet traveller for delicious recipes.



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Daily inspiration, sugar rush

Sometimes I crave something sweet, especially in the afternoon when the sugar demand is greatest. Not too much but just something small & simple + such as this dessert – although it’s a bit too much for me. How about sharing?


take care / Marie

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