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Banana waffles 🧇 light & airy, delicious with berries & a simple drizzle of syrup.

Credit: foodievis | Instagram
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Need inspiration for the New Years dessert – how about this ice cream cone in chocolate shell? The cone is made of milk chocolate ice cream with a shell of chocolate. Drip liquorice syrup to give it an edge to the mild ice cream – it provides a tasty, adventurous& beautiful ice cream dessert fit for a festive evening.

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Daily inspiration, blue cheese

Sandwiches, always right – for breakfast, lunch or to the evening tea. Nice & simple with blue cheese, figs, and a few drops of syrup – delicious with salt & sweet combination.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, dessert

I have eaten healthy as long as I can remember & so does the rest in the family. A heritage, I guess. My boys have been vegetarians for around five years & I have thought to follow their path relatively long time now – but so finally, I decided about two months ago. Fortunately, desserts are not affected by the decision. So here’s a lovely dessert – simple but appealing – thinly crisp bread & pear slices, ricotta & syrup. With a cup of coffee!

fancy.com/ fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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