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Daily inspiration, crisp bread

Crisp bread is one of the things we miss most from home. You can find crispbread in some grocery stores but it is definitely not the same taste or texture. We try to shop when we visit the large furniture store but it does not happen often enough. If you do, try crisp bread with a thin layer of butter & a thick slice of cheese, nothing else!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, dessert

I have eaten healthy as long as I can remember & so does the rest in the family. A heritage, I guess. My boys have been vegetarians for around five years & I have thought to follow their path relatively long time now – but so finally, I decided about two months ago. Fortunately, desserts are not affected by the decision. So here’s a lovely dessert – simple but appealing – thinly crisp bread & pear slices, ricotta & syrup. With a cup of coffee!

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Take care / Marie

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