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Beautifully decorated Pavlova with oven-baked rhubarb, caramel sauce & pistachios. Made on a meringue base & filled with whipped cream. Crispy & chewy at the same time.

Credit: brinkenbakar | Instagram
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Semla is a famous Swedish cream bun, an old-fashioned dessert that was originally invented & eaten on Fat Tuesday, the last day of indulgence before Lent.

It’s made with a plain wheat bread bun lightly flavored with cardamom & cut in half. The inside is filled with a layer of almond paste & vanilla-flavored whipped cream. The top is placed on the whipped cream & the sweet creation is lightly dusted with a layer of powdered sugar.

Traditional practice is that the top should be eaten first & used to scoop the whipped cream. However, the oldest Swedish tradition is to serve the entire bun soaked in a plate of warm milk – the best way to eat a semla.

Credit: Royfares | Instagram
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Sweet tooth

I’m not a big consumer of sweets but occasionally I fancy something along with a cup of coffee.

A moderate piece of a chocolate cake for example, a mouthful so to speak.


Take care / Marie

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