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Genuine Christmas decor – with a feeling of a solid simplicity where tradition is inherited & important.

hanne_paalandet / instagram

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Still time before Advent sets in – this is a beautiful simple decoration that’s not the usual Christmas red or green colours, – nice!



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Circus creates a warm feeling in the stomach & evokes many beautiful memories from the time when our boys grew up. Each summer, & a number of visiting circuses around the country each season – we rushed to buy tickets for the evening show, dress up nicely (for some reasons) & queue up in popcorns & cotton candy lines before entry.

The mere sight of the tents in bright colours from the distance was enough to create excitement & anticipation.

carolinerotterdam / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Birthday cake 

To all our birthdays, a Pavlova belongs to the festivities.

It has become a tradition in Australia, mostly because my husband loves it – and we just kind of hung on the need, the rest of the family.(Unusual, as it normally would be discussed & reflected upon).

This time it was a simplified version – not bad at all!


foodjunkies via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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It has probably been much food during the holidays, by tradition, when people come together.

There is much talk about food in general – recipes, dishes, restaurants – but also obesity & healthy options.

Little food, whether it’s nutritious or not, with a nicely set table,

and care for the servings in small amounts, always look appetising.


Take care / Marie

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