Here in Australia we have an endless number of houses built in masonry in different styles and in different colour variations. From the red, to white, dark brick as well as black. Incredibly beautiful houses from the mid-1800s, to the new modern buildings. The materials range from polished white, rough brick to a combination of modern wooden & old brick. I appreciate when one attempts to retain the old house & adds to or builds with the new. Two eras that interact is always charming.

I have not always been fond of bricks but it has slowly crept on, like falling in love, with the fabulous surroundings that influences. Especially restaurants & coffee shops around Sydney’s suburbs. Take a look & see what you think! / old & new in a charming look. / almost like art. / polished white in an industrial modern look. / great combination in a country style. / appealing materials, colours & look. / Kitchen love in white & wood. / beautiful / wonderful corner with great light. / leather & brick.

thesimplicityofwhite.tumblrthesimplicityofwhite.tumblr / Great look & atmosphere.

stylizimoblogstylizimoblog / beautiful in white. / dark with black. / nice combinations of colours & material. / classic look.

blogs.cotemaisonblogs.cotemaison / industrial vintage – look. / white charm.

Take care / Marie


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2 thoughts on “Bricks

  1. Old brick is so interesting. I’d love to have some in my new house, but new brick just doesn’t cut it! A gorgeous collection of pics.


  2. majardesign says:

    I’m in love with the bricks, such a great, vintage vibe and yet so cool!


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