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Warm orange

A “dominant” couch in a fantastic warm orange color with equally attractive solitaires that enhances the experience. Neat!


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Coffee places

Not just my neighbourhood but almost every neighbourhood in this city – in principle, has a number of coffeeshops that are extraordinary welcoming, so it feels like you’ve always been there to pick up your coffee, despite that it might be for the first time.

They’re not fancy in a way that it makes you feel that you have to dress up – just very nice, informal & inviting with a sense of belonging.







Take care / Marie

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coffee shop

I was out with friends the other night to visit on of Sydney’s many, many exciting locations to eat, drink & entertain.

I passed this one on the way to our restaurants – in the moment Iphone image.

anordinarywoman.net Sydney


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cafes

Cafes in this city exist in large numbers. It appears as if new ones emerge constantly. And I mean constantly. And why not, it’s a big part of the culture & the best meeting places with friends. There’s always some one who have a favorite they offer tips about. And it’s always as great, just as they said.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pasta restaurant

I am always on the look for nice restaurants & coffee shops – more so than boutiques, actually. The attraction is the architecture, the decor, the menu, the food,aromas & atmosphere. It need not be expensive & exclusive either. A combination of all this makes a place interesting, nice & welcoming. Well selected staff does the trick too.


Take care / Marie

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