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coffee shop

I was out with friends the other night to visit on of Sydney’s many, many exciting locations to eat, drink & entertain.

I passed this one on the way to our restaurants – in the moment Iphone image.

anordinarywoman.net Sydney


Take care / Marie

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Tech enthusiasts

I am not a tech savvy person but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by not only technical marvels but also extremely helpful & passionate ones, that’s my blessing. Something happens every time, at least almost every time I’m on a Mac or Iphone – my things simply fails to work. And we all know that it’s not any problems with these devices. But let’s leave it there.

It’s incredible how technology has developed for the benefit of mankind & its needs. Much of what we have today would just ten to fifteen years ago be considered as science fiction or an impossibility. Now, don’t expect anything super technical if you are an one of those early adopters. I’m not that kind of user. But I love design & I love my Mac &  Iphone  – even if it at times feels as if I’m stuck somewhere between beginner and can-someone-help-me-please.

XDdesign via stumbleuponSolar energy / XDdesign via stumbleupon

chadington via fancy tablet deskA perfect piece of furniture for the design conscious tech enthusiasts / chadington via fancy.com

tumblr.comSmart design / tumblr.com

my photoBeautiful design / apple.com

theheartdirectorDelightful sound / theheartdirector via Bang & Olufsen

fancyCute design / fancy.com

pinterest.comFunctional development / pinterest.com

my photoSleek & stylish design / apple.com

all-in-one Music system by TivoliAll-in-one  / Tivoliaudio.com

suitsuit boombox luggageSuitsuit boombox luggage / google images

nordicleaves.tumblrA beauty in black / nordicleaves.tumblr.com

kitepic viaf iphone pocket projectorIphone pocket projector / kitepic via fancy.com

theheartdirector viafNot there yet but who knows / theheartdirector via the fancy.com

Melt Ice Cream iPhone Case via imgsMelt Ice Cream iPhone Case / stumblupon

zoffy Nice design for precious items / zoffy via fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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