Tech enthusiasts

I am not a tech savvy person but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by not only technical marvels but also extremely helpful & passionate ones, that’s my blessing. Something happens every time, at least almost every time I’m on a Mac or Iphone – my things simply fails to work.¬†And we all know that it’s not any problems with these devices. But let’s leave it there.

It’s incredible how technology has developed for the benefit of mankind & its needs. Much of what we have today would just ten to fifteen years ago be considered as science fiction or an impossibility.¬†Now, don’t expect anything super technical if you are an one of those early adopters. I’m not that kind of user. But I love design & I love my Mac & ¬†Iphone ¬†–¬†even if it at times feels as if I’m stuck somewhere between beginner¬†and can-someone-help-me-please.

XDdesign via stumbleuponSolar energy / XDdesign via stumbleupon

chadington via fancy tablet deskA perfect piece of furniture for the design conscious tech enthusiasts / chadington via

tumblr.comSmart design /

my photoBeautiful design /

theheartdirectorDelightful sound / theheartdirector via Bang & Olufsen

fancyCute design /

pinterest.comFunctional development /

my photoSleek & stylish design /

all-in-one Music system by TivoliAll-in-one  /

suitsuit boombox luggageSuitsuit boombox luggage / google images

nordicleaves.tumblrA beauty in black /

kitepic viaf iphone pocket projectorIphone pocket projector / kitepic via

theheartdirector viafNot there yet but who knows / theheartdirector via the

Melt Ice Cream iPhone Case via imgsMelt Ice Cream iPhone Case / stumblupon

zoffy Nice design for precious items / zoffy via

Take care / Marie

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