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With all user-friendly phones especially iPhone, i find myself wishing for an old-fashioned camera – but not any camera, but this amazingly well-designed piece by Michael Kors. 

michaelkors  / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Black beauties

I bought similar style & material when I was in travelling a while ago. I was “questioned” about why not in leather. I actually thought it was a good idea using other options instead of leather.

And they are both stylish & comfortable. 

uterqueofficial via Instagram  


Take care / Marie

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Technology has brought us together – at least closer. At times so close that it takes over our lives, our precious moments.

But looking at it from a positive angle, it’s so exciting with all new accessories that’s out there, to personalise & enhance the device. And I would not want to be without my iPhone – it’s absolutely necessary in my everyday life for all daily interaction with the family at home & overseas. And all friends 🙂 


Take care / Marie

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Due to the many cords around our home & the need to keep things nice & tidy, I’m always in favour for great solutions.

Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate, increases its function – in a way that I like.


Take care / Marie

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Watch & band 

Technology, in all its glory, can look sleek, elegant & appealing when combined with a gorgeous leather band that enhances the whole ensemble. 



Take care / Marie

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