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Appetising starter – avocado, salmon, shrimp, red onion, dill. A perfect start that easily will become a success.

Credit: matpyssel | Instagram
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Sometimes I eat more with the eyes than anything else.

How it tastes is of course important, but the way it looks, that it is appetising, is even more important – it starts there, with the serving.


Take care / Marie

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It has probably been much food during the holidays, by tradition, when people come together.

There is much talk about food in general – recipes, dishes, restaurants – but also obesity & healthy options.

Little food, whether it’s nutritious or not, with a nicely set table,

and care for the servings in small amounts, always look appetising.


Take care / Marie

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A classic combination is hard to pass up when tomatoes are at their peak – colourful, nutritious and appetising in its simplicity.

gourmettraveller via twitter.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fruit cake

I like desserts, sweets & appreciate the taste as much as how they look. You eat as much with the eyes and if it looks appetising, the experience is all the greater. I imagine this fruit cake might be delicious, as it looks.


Take care / Marie

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