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Sometimes I eat more with the eyes than anything else.

How it tastes is of course important, but the way it looks, that it is appetising, is even more important – it starts there, with the serving.


Take care / Marie

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It has probably been much food during the holidays, by tradition, when people come together.

There is much talk about food in general – recipes, dishes, restaurants – but also obesity & healthy options.

Little food, whether it’s nutritious or not, with a nicely set table,

and care for the servings in small amounts, always look appetising.


Take care / Marie

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A classic combination is hard to pass up when tomatoes are at their peak – colourful, nutritious and appetising in its simplicity.

gourmettraveller via twitter.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, appetising

Simplicity works in most situations. Simple is nice, easy to absorb, stays in the mind, feels liberating and can also look very appetising. Don’t you think?



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fruit cake

I like desserts, sweets & appreciate the taste as much as how they look. You eat as much with the eyes and if it looks appetising, the experience is all the greater. I imagine this fruit cake might be delicious, as it looks.


Take care / Marie

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