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Amalfi Coast

We were recently watching a TV show with to english actors traveling around in Italy, staying one night at each place & discovering not only each place, the people & local history – but also enjoying, particularly┬álocal food cooked by chefs with a feel for how important experience is for all the senses. You eat with your eyes, to begin with …

To travel is to enrich yourself with memories, experiences & knowledge.


Take care / Marie

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Believe it or not but I like crowded places, noise, traffic and densely populated cities. Sure, it’s nice having beach and swimming but not for long.

Venice would be nice to visit , for the moment. We have been there before but at that time, we didn’t find the city too appealing.┬áIt’s worth a second chance definitely.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, far away

Occasionally, I need to get away & do nothing. Above all, get away from everything – people, work, city – to a complete tranquility. Without the slightest regard for time or requirements.┬áTo go to a big city where you can get lost in the mass would be easy but I prefer something far without too much traffic or noise.┬áThis feeling is evident right now.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, practice

This is so true & takes a lot of time but one comes a long way with a lot of effort & big hassle. It’s a┬áconstant journey, just simply because we assume too much & allow ourselves to feel too little.┬áBy assuming that others have positive intention, we avoid getting into a situation where we have to prove otherwise. It becomes up to other party to live up to the positive expectation instead. But that being said, it requires continuous practice.


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Take care / Marie

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