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Sweden, Stockholm 

We have just booked a trip home to visit family & friends for a few weeks.

Looking forward to step on Swedish soil & visit home-loving sites.

sweden via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Eslöv – Sweden

Some things should be taken for granted, actually. Like when the long, cold, dark winter is over & spring is beginning to spread its greenery & the sun starts to shine, in Sweden. Life suddenly begins 🙂

Wish you all back home a great spring – enjoy!


Take care / Marie

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Amalfi Coast

We were recently watching a TV show with to english actors traveling around in Italy, staying one night at each place & discovering not only each place, the people & local history – but also enjoying, particularly local food cooked by chefs with a feel for how important experience is for all the senses. You eat with your eyes, to begin with …

To travel is to enrich yourself with memories, experiences & knowledge.


Take care / Marie

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