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Someone once said: travel is an investment in yourself.

So true ❤️

Credit: mychicobsession.com

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Amalfi Coast

We were recently watching a TV show with to english actors traveling around in Italy, staying one night at each place & discovering not only each place, the people & local history – but also enjoying, particularly local food cooked by chefs with a feel for how important experience is for all the senses. You eat with your eyes, to begin with …

To travel is to enrich yourself with memories, experiences & knowledge.


Take care / Marie

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Believe it or not but I like crowded places, noise, traffic and densely populated cities. Sure, it’s nice having beach and swimming but not for long.

Venice would be nice to visit , for the moment. We have been there before but at that time, we didn’t find the city too appealing. It’s worth a second chance definitely.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, B&B

B&B Italia is an Italian furniture company whose modern products are sold worldwide. The company was founded in 1966 by the Busnelli family, who still manages the business. The first image is a bed designed by Patricia Urquiola, my favourite designer of all. Two different expressions with design & quality in mind.

atomicinteriors.co.uk:product:b-b-italia-tufty-bed by B&B : Patricia Urquiola

atomicinteriors.co.uk:product:b-b-italia-tufty-bed by B&B



Take care / Marie

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