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Small cities, or small neighborhoods have the ability to amaze with incredibly inspiring locations, rooms with atmosphere & fun as well as different assortments. Whether retail, restaurants or cafes. Just wandering around & taking in the architecture is a delight in itself.

Credit: thatjanebird

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Beautiful set

It is beautiful to decorate a table with a white tablecloth – it raises the atmosphere considerably at an event. Another neat solution also chair covers – easy to modify & adds to the soft textile feel of the room. Different chairs makes it more exciting as well.


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Nice atmosphere

Nice atmosphere with decor that has a personal touch with a mix of old & new.


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Wallpaper, a great way to bring warmth, feel and atmosphere to the home. It really enhances the decor and experience.


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Nice decor that exudes atmosphere and personality. Great with the bright blue wall color and the darker blue couch with patterned cushions. 



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