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Candle holders

A very lovely setting with candle holders in coloured glass & matching sofa & cushions as a backdrop.

suvim_valkoinenharmaja / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, rich hues

I always look forward to autumn season, filled of rich colours, scents & pleasant walks in the surrounding areas.¬†It’s nice when it becomes darker & darker so one have a reason to light candles & cozy up.¬†Despite a warm spring here in Sydney, the colours in our backyard shifts between a ¬†delirious spring & rich hues of autumn. That’s a very nice combination – the best of two worlds!

remainsimple.tumblr/ remainsimple.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Dark Christmas / 223

I ¬†have always thought of Christmas in red & green, silver & blue, gold & white but preferably in red. I grew up with the classic red Christmas – Santa Clauses, angels,¬†sparklers, candles & stars – that were the ordinary attributes. We often used oranges & red apples as Christmas decorations. Even today, I think of Christmas when I feel the smell of peeled orange. It’s a pleasant feeling. To think of black as a Christmas colour would never have crossed my mind, or rather – my parents mind, then.

There are no limitations today. I like the variety of Christmas decorations & color combinations.¬†In my ¬†former job, I think I’ve used all kinds of props for Christmas displays,¬†shop-remodeling & interior design. You’re exposed to a constant change & influence in the profession, in terms of range, styles & trends.¬†One’s taste changes with time, I also think one becomes more picky … but maybe it’s personal, what do I know.¬†It’s easy to fall into the same habits & do the same things without thinking of it. But no matter which Christmas you prefer, I wonder whether you would survive without all the candles. I know I wouldn’t!¬†It’s beautiful with lit candles but calming & relaxing too.

I read somewhere, that Sweden uses 18,000 tonnes of light per year. Most candles are made of paraffin which contributes to global warming when they burn, just like oil & gas. If everyone in Sweden would choose candles instead of paraffin, the outcome would be the same as if we removed 15,000 cars from the streets!  And if the entire Scandinavia switched to candles, it would mean around 30,000 cars! Worth thinking about, right?

Typical Christmas decoration, at least in certain parts of the world / 79ideas

Black stars – makeing any wall exciting / Cox&cox

Even more beautiful with gold combined / svenngaarden.bloggspot

Food art / matpaabordet.com

Contrast the easy way / pinterest.com

Simplicity – round wooden tray, moss & tea lights / Stylizimo

Blackened wooden logs / Tumblr.com

Christmas styling / Granit.se

Traditional boxwood wreath / Greige design

Nice collection of dark glass bottles / boligpluss

Simple & nice decorating for a party / Skonahem

Cosy Christmas attic / skonahem

pinterest snowmanNothing personal dear followers, just a cute thing in the dark / Pinterest.com

freshhome Not the typical christmassy look, in usual bright colours / Freshhome

Enjoy the time leading up to Christmas / Marie

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Burning desire / 216

Time flies & Christmas is fast approaching, whether I like or not. AND it’s not that I don’t like Christmas, it’s actually my favorite holiday, no doubt.¬†I now live in a climate with summer & sunshine when it’s Christmas. Something I have great trouble to get used to. For my part, it should be freezing cold, with meter-high snow drifts along the roads, frost, ice & unwillingness to get out¬†from the warmth indoors. Then, & only then, can the Christmas be celebrated.¬†I know it can possibly sound strange or even silly to¬†feel that way, but many years of traditions make their mark.

Today we went to town to buy some little things, stroll around & just relax in the city rush & to enjoy ¬†the beautiful sunny weather. Christmas had arrived – all stores & malls were decorated to the top, as well as restaurants & cafes.¬†It’s strange to see all these decorations, all food & hear Christmas songs to then step out to lightly¬†summer¬†dressed people¬†in the heat. It makes the Christmas spirit a little paler, so to speak. Some might say that you are getting the best of both worlds … which of course in a sense is true, by all means. But still …

Let’s get in the mood with some candle light, the ideal attribute for a perfect Christmas.

Beautiful to look at as well as lovely scents / 3.bp.blogspot.com

Lots of lighted candles makes a world of difference / annatruelsen

A candle for each Sunday of Advent / 79ideas

Here a more modern version / livethemma

New design / mechantdesign

And good old fashioned / spaceforinspiration

Homey vintage feeling / spaceforinspiration

Moss, small clay pots & a tin tray / sweetpaul.typepdad.com

Candles in different size & all in white / Pinterest.com

Christmas preparations / wabisabi

Glittering combination with simple means / yvettepalarmo

Amounts of light creates a festive feeling / Stylemepretty

Beautiful bowls on a wonderful grey sideboard & nice accessories to enhance / tinywhitedaises

Black & white is always fresh / Stylizimo

Stylish collection of glass vases with candles / Pinterest

Take care / Marie

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