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We have taken the autumn season for a few weeks but there is no difference in the weather. Warm, sunny & many opportunities for outdoor life in the backyard.


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Table setting

We’ve had such beautiful warm fall with most days over 22 degrees with a nice sun that has gilded our everyday life. Summer is far away but still close.



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This autumn

Halfway through autumn & the weather has just been amazing. Sunny, warm & wonderfully nice. I have a free weekend, currently sitting outside on the patio & just enjoying the weather.  

(I got a cold yesterday afternoon, so there’s not much else to do than resting).

the_dailys via Instagram


Take care / Marie

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Autumn colours

Autumn colours in the middle of the summer that recently started here in Sydney.

Sounds odd perhaps but something that inspire me right now – pleated ankle-length

skirt, socks & sturdy flat shoes plus a knitted jumper.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, autumn

It is an extremely beautiful autumn weather with only a few weeks left until winter arrives. Today we have around 27 degrees, the sun is shining with warming rays. It is lush & green everywhere with fresh air. You would think that spring is on the way instead of autumn …


Take care / Marie

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