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It is not always easy to find the right way, in terms of frame disposition. There is everything from the room’s layout, furniture, style, wall surface, and perhaps, especially subjects and frames. This solution is nice & looks good with the rest of the room. 


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Nice and simple styling – refreshing with a blue sofa, instead of all the white I usually surround myself with. 



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Pleasant home decorated with care and personality, in an open floor plan and a bright color scheme – that works wonderfully with the blue colour on sofa & cabinet.

gravity home


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Nicely decorated living room with a generous blue sofa – matching the patterned wallpaper – making the room vibrant and exciting.



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Touch of blue

Well, touch of blue might be wrong, when the sofa is the focus in the room. A pleasant blue colour that fits with most accent colours when you fancy a change. Blue grey is perhaps more suitable but nevertheless very nice. 

l-e-a-b-o / tumblr


Take care / Marie

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