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Jeans display

Decorating with clothes, is it really possible? Yep, apparently, it can be both stylish and practical. Are you ready to decorate with your jeans for a great look like this?

gloria.fi jeans


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Christmas decorations

Take out all the Christmas decorations that are stored in the attic for now it is time to put on a second layer of ornaments to increase the Christmas experience.  It does not always have to be in the typical Christmas-red theme. Just look here – in black and white, looking great!



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Sloping ceiling

Sloping ceiling in all the glory, sure it’s charming and it creates character – but it can also may be difficult to decorate. I think this solution is good use of space & stands out as a feature in the room.


Take care / Marie

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Nice living

Sometimes it is not that much you need to create a nice living that fits and easy to enjoy. Large windows with plenty of natural light is of course important – with a view to inspire. But a nice little garden is not bad either. It is more about how to decorate indoors and choice of furniture and colours (or lack of colours rather). I prefer it simple, with few colours and a lots of textiles.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, suits the moment

If you do not like too much colour, it’s smart to decorate with a simple base that is easy to change whenever the mood takes – with a small addition of a colour that suits the moment.


Take care / Marie

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