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Social media

The social media platform has become an important forum in our social life. The introduction of video on platforms has given everyday users an opportunity to further connect with family, friends & followers. It’s hard to remember a time before we took pictures of the food before eating it, to get the perfect overhead shot.

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A nice grouping of frames that change the expression in the room with simple means.



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White living

White living in a mix of modern & old furniture, white & wood combined, some black, white door with glass panes – all in fine white shades.

@tessjohansen / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, in the corner

I thought I’d share an image with you that I found the other day. It’s rather simple & straightforward since it’s a room with white furniture & black & white frames & photos. I like the idea of frames in the corner, so that they face each other. It is symmetrical, and does well in this environment. Suddenly you get a corner that is visible – and why not!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, a home

An inviting home is one that feels lived-in. It’s not perfect & tidy but relaxed no matter if it’s unfinished with chaos around. The thing is that all things such as souvenirs, books, hand made stuff, photos are part of what gives a home character, personality & warmth. Textiles especially, are an easy way to bring warmth & atmosphere into a home. Preferably textiles & fabrics that will age & feel up to date as the years pass. When buying new things to add vitality, it’s ggod to build on colours & patterns that already exists & works well in the home. New pieces that match cherished older ones. A home is after all a place where family & friends gather for special events, dinners, celebrations or just to socialise in all simplicity.

desiretoinspire/ desiretoinspire

Take care / Marie

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