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Red Currant

Back home in Sweden it’s the time of year when summer feels extra summery with the greenery & lushness that nature offers. It’s wonderful with all the overgrown berry bushes. Like this red currant plant that can still be found growing wild, but are more often cultivated for commercial sale. It’s beautiful ⭐️

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Nature that’s nurtured together with architectural solutions helps us to get closer to natural & healthy homes. As this place with its shapes & forms incorporated in the existing landscape.

Credit: melissa_penfold
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Nature – gardens & parks, trails – has become an oasis for wellness & wellbeing the past year. The beauty alone is very comforting. I find it everywhere & it’s very inspiring.

Credit: camerongardens
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Table setting

A good table setting tip: go out into nature, pick moss & decorative greenery. Protect the table or surface you are going to use with plastic & place the moss / greenery. You can also place a rustic plank on top of the table, perfect for placing bowls, candlesticks & decorations on.

Credit: simonolsson.officiell | Instagram
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A veranda, where you can spend long days, looking out at nature, following the shifts of light & thinking good thoughts – and wait out the long isolation until the country opens up for business, travel & everyday life.

Credit: tallbox.org
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