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Table setting

A good table setting tip: go out into nature, pick moss & decorative greenery. Protect the table or surface you are going to use with plastic & place the moss / greenery. You can also place a rustic plank on top of the table, perfect for placing bowls, candlesticks & decorations on.

Credit: simonolsson.officiell | Instagram
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A veranda, where you can spend long days, looking out at nature, following the shifts of light & thinking good thoughts – and wait out the long isolation until the country opens up for business, travel & everyday life.

Credit: tallbox.org
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If nothing else, greenery – trees, shrubs & flowers – are enough to raise the energy level. Now more than ever greenery, nature & fresh air means everything in the world. Isolation due to the corona virus makes you crave for fresh air & open spaces / landscapes.

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My relatively newfound interest in nature & long walks has led me to discover & appreciate landscaping & gardening. It is inspirational with all creativity & ideas. What a privilege to stroll through the various botanical gardens and parks that are at hand.

Credit: landscape.net.au

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Lappland, the far north of Sweden – an adventure in experiences with snow covered forests, icy roads & old cabins. 

(photos by Dean & Jeska Hearne)


thefuturekept / instagram

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