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Vipp, a danish company with long design history & excellent eye for details. Their product range is kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, accessories Рand also prefab homes. Scandinavian design with long-term ability to provide better every day experiences.



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It’s clearly that I’m stuck in a certain colourless world that I appreciate & have great fondness for. I’m completely happy with that but am constantly reminded by my more colourful friends how completely “boring” it is – which makes me think of the situation vice versa. Ha!





livethemma strukturikea.se




tumblr.com tumblr.com




Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white bathroom

Bright white bathrooms – something of a must, in my case. Mosaic that shimmers in shades of white are beautiful even if I prefer 10×10 cm tile that is a little uneven at the edges, entirely in white.¬†This solution is appealing, same material on walls & floor but with wall parts that is only white. Simple & beautiful!

ideasgn.tumblr.com/ ideasgn.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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For the bathroom

It struck me the other day that there are relatively many bathrooms that have black or dark tiles, when staying in hotels.¬†Maybe it’s because it looks more exclusive or more of a hotel feel, for some reasons.¬†Or a relic of the time when it was more men who traveled in their job than women.¬†Maybe it’s more male designers who gets to design these buildings.¬†Or is it coincidence only, I don’t know.

Now, I have not thought about blogging about bathrooms, it’s more towards bathroom accessories.¬†Once again, back to what I always preach, that accessories makes a difference. Both for the comfort as well as for the homely feel. Let’s hope you like these images!

insideoutRattan, nice to a white & black bathroom / insideout

style-files.comBlack & white with checks and stripes / style-files.com

westelm.comThick & soft bath towels, a luxury / westelm.com

richesforrags.tumblr.com.White on white / richesforrags.tumblr.com.

rivieramaisonwebsiteGrossly tiles & rattan / rivieramaisonwebsite

decoristaA bit more to the flashy style / decorista

elledesigntudio viapAccessories / elledesigntudio via pinterest.com

skarp.sePersonality with the right stuff / skarp.se

bolina.noNice details / bolina.no

dustjacketatticComfortable things that makes the bathroom / dustjacketattic

charmingspaces.tumblr.comEverything in place / charmingspaces.tumblr.com

studiokarin.blogspot.noBeautiful washbasins / studiokarin.blogspot.no

juliasvitadrommar.blogspot.comDetails that will delight / juliasvitadrommar.blogspot.com

blog.lifeinstyle.com.auAdorn your bathroom / blog.lifeinstyle.com.au

sophisticatings.tumblr.comBeautiful little things that create desire / sophisticatings.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Can you walk past a mirror without looking – eg. the mirror in the elevator,¬†shop window that reflects, in a department store?¬†I can’t help it, it happens automatically.¬†A bit silly perhaps or even a bit vain. Glancing for a quick check, you know.¬†I sometimes think that my three boys, one of which is my husband, are completely obsessed.¬†They would use their time in front of the mirror all day long if they¬†could decide, believe me. (Isn’t it a common ailment in our society today?) I often find myself sitting & waiting for them to be done, when we’re going somewhere. Once it becomes my turn, the expectation is that I should I be ready in three minutes … patience is a virtue! (Which is another thing we seem to lack a bit in our society). Anyway,¬†appearance comes before everything else.¬†Nothing wrong with that, first impression & so on.

So, moving on, there are lots of stylish mirrors,¬†for those who not only want to look on themselves in the mirror, but also are fond of design too. Lots of different styles, colors, shapes & materials. Mirrors¬†that can occupy an entire wall, or small round with nice details. Or just plain, simple with bevelled edge.¬†You just have to pick & choose among all the varieties. Mirrors are nice, take a look yourself ūüôā


Beautiful design / desiretoinspire


Size matters / domayneonline.com.au


Dining collection / keltainen

4 livethemma

reflections / livethemma


Golden frame / jellysundae.tumblr


Bathroom collection / blissblog


Fun detail / nagashima&hyoudou


Adorns the walls / pinterest


Window mirror / 79ideas


On the wish list / eclecticlivinghome


Nice above the bench top / lineklein


Gets n=anyone to look good / restorationhardware


Wood & white / annatruelsen


Round shape that softens / helenaaro


Wooden collection / desdemyventana


Exciting background wall / sanna&sania

Take care / Marie

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