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Kids room, with a lovely bunk bed dressed nicely with lots of textiles making it friendly & inviting .

Credit: dunmore.farm
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Neat solution to start with, and so functional & space saving. Ideal for children up to a certain age before they start to need (or ask for) their own room.

Credit: Stadshem

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Kids room

Kids room that’s not loud, bright, noticeable, or obvious in any way but still a great achievement in a quiet way that does not attract attention to itself – and therefore clever & well done. 


nordicdesign.ca via boligmnagazinet

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An inside of unpainted untreated wood with white painted floors – and also white furniture. Can not think of anything finer and with the white skirting boards, it’s all perfect. Really appealing 👌


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Rooms for kids

We have grown up children so ideas for children’s rooms is not something that is relevant anymore.

However room decor is always inspiring, regardless of age. If I would have to make a choice, the last

two rooms would be my first choice, style-wise.





Take care / Marie

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