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Hej friends,

Single is not as in single – it’s about single beds. Both expressions are charming or less charming, depending on desired situation. I adore single beds, they make me think of childhood, relatives, anniversaries, celebrations, summer stays & holidays – all at once. We always had people staying over & once they left, next were on incoming. Not always a pleasure back then because you had to leave your beloved room to share a small narrow single bed with one of my siblings  – since it was expected. Not always easy to understand as a young kid. Had no the desire to do that either, as I remember it. But that’s history now, what remains is nice & funny memories from that time. That’s usually the case, you remember the good stuff & forgets the dull ones, right?

My growing up is a major reason why we are living a similar life today as then. With lots of beloved ones who’s visiting & remain a long time. My boys love it & life becomes a little more festive that way. However, they need not to experience the “single” situation. Well, that’s the kind of thoughts that went through my head when I searched for images. Images really influences the brain positively… a good reason to believe that beautiful & inspiring pictures makes us to better people.

Simple neatness in a charming way / Keltainen

Sunny feeling with yellow details / Skonahem

Creme coloured bedroom with cute single beds side by side / Alwynhuman via Pinterest

Like a fairy tale but with a bit more modern twist / PBteen

White bedroom with white ceiling & flooring as well as two white single beds / Lamaisond’annag

Summer feeling in blue & white / Linum

Country style & a nice feeling / Desiretoinspire

Purple, is for me, rather  unusual, to use in the bedroom / Inspiringinteriors

Looks great, wouldn’t need anything else really / Finelittleday

Adorable & fresh / Atelierueverte

A sense of summer- cottage – feeling / Brightbazaar

Great image in black & white, especially the black floor to white furniture / Lamaisond’annag

Dreamy vintage in white / Hviturlakkris

Absolutely beautiful combination & colours / Tantjohanna

Always nice with stripes, no matter where / Desiretoinspire

Take care / Marie

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