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Charming, cozy & coordinated.




Take care / Marie

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It is stylish with knitwear in general, and especially when they are coordinated tone on tone. The same color scheme …



Take care / Marie

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Very nice coordinated styling in white with earthy colors. Comfortable, attractive – with narrow & wide stripes in moderation. Textiles, furniture & accessories in a lovely collage.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, stylish

This is a nice part of a room – with the kind of low storage solution that I prefer. Neat below & with surface above to use for displays. It’s nicely styled & maybe a bit too coordinated with the books in colour scale. Or? Nice rugs too but i think i would prefer one big instead.

via bloglovin.com

via bloglovin.com

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Daily inspiration, ensemble

Time for something neat. I don’t want to bore you with solely interior so I’ll have to mix it up a bit, at times. I admit that this is rather coordinated but it’s nice since the pattern on the dress is dominant so that the green details reinforces the whole ensemble. I like that the scarf is tied at the back because it tones down the dressy effect. fancy.com:proud2bakiwi/ fancy.com Take care / Marie

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