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From one bookworm to another, here are some tips on books, that we’ve read in my bookclub & that I’ve been recommended on Goodreads by friends. Enjoy ⭐️

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Good reads

The latest books I’ve downloaded on kindle. Good reads ⭐️

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Reading corner

Where I sit & read, is an important factor in pleasantness.And I do read a lot.

A comfortable sofa or armchair, natural light, reading light, pillows, throws & vanity surface. This might not look as I described but a nice spot nevertheless.


homefurnishingideas via fancy.com


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, piles,

I’ve just gone through piles of books & magazines to try to clear some of my collections. I have not the heart to throw any of this although much of the magazines are old. It’s simply not possible. That’s why this picture fit as well as today’s image love.

atmycasa/ atmycasa

Take care / Marie

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