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Fresh tulips in small transparent glass vases are everyday luxury of the highest kind.

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Christmas mood

We have just worked through our living room and removed all the everyday to replace it with new patterned textiles in Christmas colors. With Christmas ornaments and glass vases with fresh flowers – which makes the well-being and mood increase significantly. Small things that makes a difference. 



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Fresh eye catcher

Fresh cut flowers are a delight to the eye & for general well-being. It is a wonderful experience to visit markets around Sydney & take home a bunch of fresh flowers. It looks wonderful, smells the same & gives life to the home. I’m not particularly fond of sumptuous arrangements, although they have their place, in the right environment. However simple, bursting with some green branches – is the perfect solution for me. It’s a moderate eye catcher & brightens our life at home 🙂



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Take care / Marie




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In the good old days

It is nice to visit old relatives who have retained their old furniture. It feels like you are stepping into another time, another world. There are frames with photographs arranged everywhere. Glass bottles & glass vases in amounts plus a lot of old books & heavy draped curtains. Not to mention sofas or armchairs. It’s absolutely adorable. Quite simply because you don’t throw things purely because they have aged, as they are still fully functional. Something that we ought to embrace more.

Here are some images that I have put together, that reminds of old times, if I may put it that simple. Furniture, gadgets, textiles & old pillows with prints, picture frames & so on. I am especially fond of the last shot where contemporary furnishings have been blended together with the old desktop – new & old come together nicely together into a whole. Really nice!

dellandmoxie.tumblr.comWelcome to the 1900 century / dellandmoxie.tumblr.com

dustjacketatticJust look at the details / dustjacketattic

pinterest.com Beautiful prints / pinterest.com

nestprettythings.tumblr.comHandicraft / nestprettythings.tumblr.com

homelife.com.auAustralians knows how / homelife.com.au

tinkerbell.tumblr.comQuilted quilts in great colours / tinkerbell.tumblr.com

decor8blog.comWallpaper love / decor8blog.com

fancy.com:demicolidavidFrame gallery / fancy.com:demicolidavid

etsy.comTimeless style / etsy.com

browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.comOnce a very popular Volkswagen / browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.com

seaofgirasoles.blogspot.com.esDirectly from the clothesline / seaofgirasoles.blogspot.com.es

weheartit.comFaded beauties / weheartit.com

lucayanbreeze.tumblr.comStill great storage / lucayanbreeze.tumblr.com

tumblr.comOld & new / tumblr.com

Take care / Marie


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Daily inspiration, fresh cut flowers

We have received a lot of fresh cut flowers from friends who’s been visiting when we have been off. I think it’s a bit of a luxury with fresh flowers. To have time to enjoy them too. I have moved them around, forward & back, inside & out, depending on where we have been sitting. It’s nice with a mix of coloured & clear glass vases with one flower inside, here & there. They complement each other, as a unit.

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Take care / Marie

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