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Gardens in summer are an experience of color & splendor – with visual impressions that stays with you for a long time.

Credit: lamusadelaflores.com
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A lot of people have discovered the benefits of greenery & many started creating gardens that are meant to be therapeutic. Especially those who have very stressful lives or who have issues with anger management have seen a difference & benefit from gardening. It’s is a very relaxing activity & used to help treat the symptoms of anxiety, frustration, & even depression.

Credit: gardenmarketonline
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Nature – gardens & parks, trails – has become an oasis for wellness & wellbeing the past year. The beauty alone is very comforting. I find it everywhere & it’s very inspiring.

Credit: camerongardens
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The beauty around us that we sometimes don’t notice. Colours, shapes, vegetation – the arranged flower bed to the overgrown – so inspiring & liberating. Nature’s beauty.

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Green feelings

Our small garden is blooming despite the heatwave. It’s green everywhere. It’s no bigger than that I can see the whole garden in one go. It’s very lush with trees & bushes that goes in various green shades – powerful green, or perhaps saturated shades of green. There’s thousands of different green nuances, however a green garden is easy to imagine, anyway. Regardless of the imagination, one becomes very inspired by plants, greenery & incredible lushness. All at once! It’s strange that something can grow in this heat but 96% humidity explains everything.

We have started to take walks in the evenings to shake off a long day at work but also to get to know our neighbourhood. Now, to tell you the truth, we don’t get that far actually because of the attraction to all those small cafes that runs along the street a few hundred yards from us. However, we do have time to see all the greenery, from palm trees to all kinds of trees & blooming bushes. It’s wonderful despite the steaming heat that we are experiencing right now.

So, here’s for the green colours with various pics that demonstrates the beauty around us … us all!


Timeless craftsmanship / tantjohanna.se


Poetic styling / vartnyahem


Wonderful doors / hus&hem


Fabulous forest / google.com


clinical cleanness / sanna&sania


Coloured enamel / google.com


Modern textile collection / api.qbank.se


Stylish simplicity / chezlarsson


Colourful style / sanna&sania


Antique green round dining table / hgtv.ca


Boyish stuff / iverashus


Paler shade of green / lamaisond’annag


Just very lovely / hus&hem


Beautiful facade / mechantdesign

Take care / Marie

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