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Children, they are so natural, active & curious – but also quite demanding. My boys has grown up & become great guys. Finest in the world of course, as any parent would say about their kids. They are handsome & talented with own opinions & values​​. I want to believe that they are curious without being limited to what’s possible. And most importantly, that they aren’t judgmental, which is extremely important to us.

I sometimes forget that we are two who “owns” them. And of course, we have them on loan until they are capable of taking care of themselves & move on, independently & confidently through life. It has taken me a long time & considerable thought, before I came across the threshold that they one day will leave home. But whenever that happens, we have many precious memories from their playful time as kids. I hope they will maintain their playfulness as adults too.

AnnemarijnLansNice wall colour & toys / AnnemarijnLans via pinterest.com

davidmnt White environment with colourful wooden toys / davidmnt viap

ifitshipipitshere.blogspotBuilding blocks in XL /  fitshipipitshere.blogspot

ingerstedt.seRailroad tracks, were around 24 hours, everywhere, in our place / ingerstedt.se

decora.meCoordinated in red, white & some black / decora.me

kotivinkki.fiInspiring  colour scheme / kotivinkki.fi

bloglovin.comChild-friendly with low beds & space saving, when it’s along the wall / bloglovin.com

kidzzz Close to the heart / kidzzz via fancy.com

divaaniblogit.fiPennants & canopy – a dream for children / kotivinkki.fi

pinterest.comCreative space / pinterest.com

handmadecharlotte.comFor theatrical minds / handmadecharlotte.com

piccsy.comYep, / piccsy.com

ninainvorm.punt.nlOn display & for easy reach / ninainvorm.punt.nl

handmadecharlotte.comNice with a long countertop with space for activity / handmadecharlotte.com

planet-deco.frA friendly space with room for stuff that is visible / planet-deco.fr

Take care / Marie

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