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Room layout

A room that’s large can not take a single, narrow or small pieces of furniture as they often look too small in the large space. It’s important to take size & shape into account when choosing functions to get the most out of the space as well as the furniture. It benefits the layout & impact of the room.

Credit: dekolehti | Instagram

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Perfect size

With this perfect sized handbag – I will leave you for a while & concentrate on an upcoming move from Sydney to Singapore. Once we are on track with all details, I hope to be able to pick up blogging again.

Until then –  Take care ❤️


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Clothes stand

These racks are available in a variety of sizes & designs – fancy enough to be exposed, with the selection of clothes that’s often used. 




Take care / Marie

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Stylish yet simple jewellery in slightly larger size & golden – a fine combination together with the small size – and worn to black.


Take care / Marie

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Kitchen space built in / customized, not big, smaller than a wardrobe, but still functional despite the size.


Take care / Marie

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