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A gallery, nice way to create your own “photo album” on the wall with memories & beautiful pictures.

Credit: mxeniaz | Instagram
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Room layout

It’s important to take size & shape into account when choosing functions to a room, especially if it’s narrow, to get the most out of the space as well as the furniture. And don’t forget the impact that a large rug has, it benefits the layout & impact of the room.

Credit: dekolehti | Instagram

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A grey room kitchen that’s light, bright & inspiring with the added wooden details that makes the room stand out even more.

Credit: decordemon.blogspot.com

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Work space

An ideal workspace at home – really like the simple layout, the furniture along the wall & sufficient area around, with a stunning environment outside – enough for a daily dose of essential creativity.


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Lovely outdoor area with all necessary components to make it feel pleasant, inviting & inspiring. The generous layout, floor tiles, windows, doors, furniture – and spacious. NICE!


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