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Light loop

A golden tortuous light loop & gifts wrapped in gold paper Рas still life Рis enough to create a Christmas spirit a little here & there at home.



Take care / Marie

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Stylish yet simple jewellery in slightly larger size & golden Рa fine combination together with the small size Рand worn to black.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, golden

A neat combination with denim & a sparkly skirt. Almost as new & second hand – it would in this case fit well with the old year behind us & the new front of us. Jeans look good with most things, especially when you put it together with “golden” material.

reb3l-4-phazhi0n.tumblr.com/ reb3l-4-phazhi0n.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Golden splashes / 144

Hej there,

Golden splashes might work but gold in general is not really my taste.¬†It’s surely beautiful, because it does attract loads of individuals. Gold is perceived as¬†exclusive & communicates what you stand for or who you are…generally speaking.¬†But I am not going to blog about gold in that sense, I am far too uninterested & ignorant.¬†To ensure delivery of an entry in the theme of gold, I have to go¬†after my interest, which is nearly nonexistent – which in turn means that I have to keep it simple.¬†And keeping it simple in my case, means usually images of the ordinary¬†– what is considered¬†more standard & general. Well, I¬†would probably not say that the first image is standard since it’s a hallway in gold but the others are.

When I think about it, it might not be so many who would¬†agree on the third picture, either.¬†It’s not often¬†you walk¬†around in a golden skirt.¬†Hm, but on the other hand, the fifth image would also not work.¬†It’s yet not very common with golden showers.¬†Then, I suppose the picture there after wouldn’t count as ordinary since it’s a table in gold, at least a part of it.¬†No wait, you know what, let’s not bother whether it’s normal & daily¬†occurring stuff or not. You get to decide what you like, it¬†is easiest that way. Here’s some golden splashes…

Golden Hall of wallpaper, brocade & glitter / Apollinas

Round & beautiful brass candleholders is a must, really / Elleinterior

Golden skin, golden skirt & glittering look / Fashiongonerouge

Three floors, in white & brass, to light up your world / Google.com

Welcome into the golden shower / Zsazsabellagio

Gold when you are in that mood & white when you aren’t / Goggle.com

Stylish mirror, to the white & grey environment Designerhomes

Striking impact with a beauty in gold accessories / Aratuntun

Grey in combination with a gold bed cover looks nice & inviting / Menchantdesign

A small detail may be enough to begin with such as this gold pillow / Camillakrishnaswamy

 A nice design piece in shiny material, looks good together with the white background / Emmafexeus via pinterest

Golden pearls makes a beautiful dress / Bonnenuitdarling

Where’s the other one / Tardeotemprano

A beautiful old mirror & some accents in gold / Ustagerimez

Glittering Рperfect for special occasions / Tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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