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Green city ūüĆĪ

The city-state of Singapore is the greenest city in Asia, according to the Green City Index, and arguably has few competitors in the rest of the world.

Along the work ahead the bus stops are in focus. Currently there’s around 30 bus stops that have plants growing on their roofs & the goal is 150. Waiting in the heat at a bus stop with green roof could keep you cooler by 2 degrees.

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Rooftops / 163

Hej dear friends,

Rooftops have always been exciting, from the time when I as a child ran around with¬†the big kids at building / construction sites where you really could not be … & were so exciting precisely for that reason.¬†To the rooftops you get to see from hotel rooms … when I dared to look out from the windows from that hight.¬†I loved the movie Aristocats where the characters ran around on the rooftops in Paris. And something exciting always happened. I think I watched it hundred times with my boys.¬†It’s not only the view that is exciting or the height, but also the fact that you¬†are on a roof, at the top, where nobody can see you but you can see everything.

It’s exciting, fun & uplifting, but also romantic, isn’t it ?

Tightly as in a sardine tin / Weheartit

Worn rooftops over beloved homes / imgs via the Fancy

Unusual place for a break / Thatkindofwoman

Fine straight line of rooftops, with an own world / TimBarber

Straight architecture with greenery all around / Tumblr.com

Tin roof / Pinterest.com

A swinging road in full view from all the rooftops / Annabananna via Pinterest

Green grass above to keep the warmth / Nestprettythings

Small oases that floats above / Annloise via Pinterest

Necessary roofs indeed / Brightbazaar

 Incredibly beautiful roofs / Cricketbriggs

As far north as you can get & as in a as in a fairy tale with cute colorful houses / Imgs via the Fancy

 Mini version of a street with houses in different heights / Kowalski via the Fancy

House roofs as far as the eye can see / Darioendaraphotographer

A small secluded roof terrace, between the large houses / Skonahem

Take care / Marie

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