Sometimes I think an outfit is more complete when add-ons of any kind have been added. It is not always that it needs to be accessories, at least not for me. It depends on what is meant with accessories as well. I am fond of scarves & shawls for example. And shoes, well bags too. It’s the small details that sometimes determines whether an outfit is perfect or not. Such as having the wrong shoes to certain clothes. It sounds like it is not the whole world, which it of course isn’t, but now when we are talking about this, so why not.

I would love to claim that shoes are accessories. But I have friends who absolutely would not agree. No matter what where the dividing line are, here are a mixture of different accessories.

fancy.comBright red accessories with matching dress /

persephonesbox.comA bit too flashy maybe / bag with tassel /

dietcokeandasmoke A Simple silver jewellery / dietcokeandasmoke

theyallhateus Striking bracelet (and bag) /

zsazsabellagioMandatory accessories, shoes & bag / zsazsabellagio

diamondsandstuds Gorgeous bag / diamondsandstuds

bellablogitAccessories? / bellablogit

stylewanderer Stylish bracelet, and note the narrow belt / stylewanderer

theyallhateus Black – an important addition /

lululu.tumblr.comCertain gaudiness can light up /

muus via fancy.comLayers & mixed / muus via about glasses?  /

nidjoo.tumblr.comHidden by / behind the accessories /

ralphlauren.comAnd the classic timeless style /

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