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Make up

Makeup is not my forte. Not that I don’t use makeup, but it’s quite sparingly. A thin eyeliner & a pale pink red lipstick is my daily use. But, it sure is nice with attractive design – pretty little boxes & beautiful colors.

tomford via instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, eye liner

Cosmetic applied line around the eyes sounds easy but if you’ve tried yourself, it’s somewhat of an art to manage. I like when it’s done in a thin line that continues out & gets thicker towards the end. In a single line, without any trembling on the hand – and with the right eye liner. Ie, high quality, fine thin brush & liquid instead of pen. Just enough makeup for my part, to feel “dressed”!



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, eyeliner

Eyeliner is described as a cosmetic applied as a line around the eyes to make them appear larger or more noticeable. It’s just that it’s not that easy to get it right. It either gets too thick, clumps or becomes a skew line. But it is looks great when done right.


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Sometimes I think an outfit is more complete when add-ons of any kind have been added. It is not always that it needs to be accessories, at least not for me. It depends on what is meant with accessories as well. I am fond of scarves & shawls for example. And shoes, well bags too. It’s the small details that sometimes determines whether an outfit is perfect or not. Such as having the wrong shoes to certain clothes. It sounds like it is not the whole world, which it of course isn’t, but now when we are talking about this, so why not.

I would love to claim that shoes are accessories. But I have friends who absolutely would not agree. No matter what where the dividing line are, here are a mixture of different accessories.

fancy.comBright red accessories with matching dress / fancy.com

persephonesbox.comA bit too flashy maybe / persephonesbox.com

pinterest.com:iolandapujol:Mini bag with tassel / pinterest.com:iolandapujol:

dietcokeandasmoke A Simple silver jewellery / dietcokeandasmoke

theyallhateus Striking bracelet (and bag) / theyallhateus.com

zsazsabellagioMandatory accessories, shoes & bag / zsazsabellagio

diamondsandstuds Gorgeous bag / diamondsandstuds

bellablogitAccessories? / bellablogit

stylewanderer Stylish bracelet, and note the narrow belt / stylewanderer

theyallhateus Black – an important addition / theyallhateus.com

lululu.tumblr.comCertain gaudiness can light up / lululu.tumblr.com

muus via fancy.comLayers & mixed / muus via fancy.com

wildflowertea.tumblr.com:post:63949093494How about glasses?  / wildflowertea.tumblr.com

nidjoo.tumblr.comHidden by / behind the accessories / nidjoo.tumblr.com

ralphlauren.comAnd the classic timeless style / ralphlauren.com

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Colourful taste

I find that every time I try to put together images with lots of color – I fail to do so. I can’t manage to choose something that is overly colourful. I discover after a while, when I’m looking at the whole thing, that I have unconsciously opted out of that which is too colourful. Now when we just finished renovating the shed, I had thought that I should paint the walls of other than the usual white. Possibly paint the concrete floor instead of the use of the ordinary wood floor & so on. And what happened – in some strange way, we now have white walls, a light wooden floor, white furniture, etc. It’s funny how all this can happen even though my thoughts went in another direction. Is it the power of habit, perhaps.

The images below are in colour but it’s not overly colourful, as you can see. Although it’s enough colour, at least for my part. You could say it became something in between. With a white base or a simple base, you can add color without risking that it becomes too much. Or you can use as much color as you want if that’s what you prefer. This is more then enough as inspiration, for me.

miss-design.comNice outdoor / indoor area with coloured details / miss-design.com

skonahem  Retro kitchen with matching curtain / skonahem.se

sagaform.seDelightful design / sagaform.se

elle.esGenerous seating surfaces / elle.es

spirainredning.se Timeless objects / spirainredning.se

casapinka.typepad.comCandy colors to the couch / casapinka.typepad.com

elle.co.zaDaring / elle.co.za

mokkasinPlayfully in paper / mokkasin

tinywhitedaisiesComfortable colours / tinywhitedaisies via tumblr

planet-deco.frWhite, wood & colourful components / planet-deco.fr

remainsimple via tumblrThe colours of nature / remainsimple via tumblr

prettystuffHandiwork / prettystuff

charmingspaces Pens that cheers you up / charmingspaces

noperfectdayforbananafishDecorative / noperfectdayforbananafish

designed-for-lifeCreativity / designed-for-life

Take care / Marie

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