Colourful taste

I find that every time I try to put together images with lots of color – I fail to do so. I can’t manage to choose something that is overly colourful. I discover after a while, when I’m looking at the whole thing, that I have unconsciously opted out of that which is too colourful. Now when we just finished renovating the shed, I had thought that I should paint the walls of other than the usual white. Possibly paint the concrete floor instead of the use of the ordinary wood floor & so on. And what happened – in some strange way, we now have white walls, a light wooden floor, white furniture, etc. It’s funny how all this can happen even though my thoughts went in another direction. Is it the power of habit, perhaps.

The images below are in colour but it’s not overly colourful, as you can see. Although it’s enough colour, at least for my part. You could say it became something in between. With a white base or a simple base, you can add color without risking that it becomes too much. Or you can use as much color as you want if that’s what you prefer. This is more then enough as inspiration, for me.

miss-design.comNice outdoor / indoor area with coloured details /

skonahem  Retro kitchen with matching curtain /

sagaform.seDelightful design /

elle.esGenerous seating surfaces / Timeless objects /

casapinka.typepad.comCandy colors to the couch / /

mokkasinPlayfully in paper / mokkasin

tinywhitedaisiesComfortable colours / tinywhitedaisies via tumblr

planet-deco.frWhite, wood & colourful components /

remainsimple via tumblrThe colours of nature / remainsimple via tumblr

prettystuffHandiwork / prettystuff

charmingspaces Pens that cheers you up / charmingspaces

noperfectdayforbananafishDecorative / noperfectdayforbananafish

designed-for-lifeCreativity / designed-for-life

Take care / Marie

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