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You will see these everywhere now, if you haven’t earlier. They’ve been around a while & every fashion girl, blog, magazine, street style photographer is posting images of all sorts. 


fashion wolf.tumblr.com


Take care / Marie

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I have always had a fondness for shoes with straps, whether it’s sandals, espadrilles or like these in mustard suede with pointed toe & heels. (although not too high heels). 

byfarshoes / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Glitter shoes

Why not brighten up the everyday life with a pair of silver shoes, with buckle on the side, and not too high heels.

Just enough to raise the quality of life a tad.


Take care / Marie

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Street style

Is there anything more inspiring than people who dress according to their preference and taste, really. That does not stick to current fashion, but dare to express themselves. Wonderful!


Take care / Marie

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With socks

I remember the period when everyone would have socks in their shoes with heels. Not too pleasant memory but popular it was. I din’t think I could recover myself, but this is a combination that I think is exciting.


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