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Botanical garden

Beautiful weather, people strolling around, children playing, other are exercising or having a picnic. At the botanical garden in Singapore.

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Winter picnic

Wouldn’t you just love a winter picnic in a setting like this?

Sheepskin rugs, blankets, pots, porcelain plates, lighted candles with snow all around.

It’s beautiful and refreshing.


Take care / Marie

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Outdoor mood

Stylish summer furniture is sometimes hard to find. Especially when you have a picture in mind of how you want them to look like or if you have to adapt to a given area. In a country like Australia, you are not so dependent on the weather, in the sense that you can be outside all year round. You often see indoor furniture on porches. Sofas, armchairs & tables. I thought it looked a little tricky in the beginning, coming from a winter-land. But it’s very charming. Although, I’m continuing to stick to furniture for outdoor use. However, this is not about outdoor furniture, but about being outdoors. You’re supposed to use what the occasion offers to enjoy the pleasant weather. Our winter here in Australia have been fantastic. One of the warmest winters in 40 years, I believe. The winter here is almost like our summer in Sweden. So, with this beautiful winter weather, I find my self in outdoor mood.

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