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Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s something about backyards, terraces & small gardens that always attracts my eye. Charming & appealing, as well as a little anonymously from the outside world.



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Outdoor mood

Stylish summer furniture is sometimes hard to find. Especially when you have a picture in mind of how you want them to look like or if you have to adapt to a given area. In a country like Australia, you are not so dependent on the weather, in the sense that you can be outside all year round. You often see indoor furniture on porches. Sofas, armchairs & tables. I thought it looked a little tricky in the beginning, coming from a winter-land. But it’s very charming. Although, I’m continuing to stick to furniture for outdoor use. However, this is not about outdoor furniture, but about being outdoors. You’re supposed to use what the occasion offers to enjoy the pleasant weather. Our winter here in Australia have been fantastic. One of the warmest winters in 40 years, I believe. The winter here is almost like our summer in Sweden. So, with this beautiful winter weather, I find my self in outdoor mood.

cozyspaces.tumblr.com1 / cozyspaces.tumblr.com

cozyspaces.tumblr.com2 / tumblr.com.

mollyjazz via fancy.com3/ mollyjazz via fancy.com

justbesplendid.tumblr.com4 / justbesplendid.tumblr.com

southernliving.com5. /southernliving.com

myparadissi.tumblr.com6 / myparadissi.tumblr.com

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8 livethemma ute10 / livethemma.se

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5 livethemma12 / livethemma.se

kulunkadecoblog 13 / kulunkadecoblog

skonahem14 / skonahem.se

2 livethemma15 / livethemma.se Take care / Marie

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Have a seat

Many seating, long tables, couches along the wall & some space around, does the trick for simple socializing. I like when it is plenty of space without the feeling of a cramped environment. It’s simply  nice with floor space, when possible. It is not always necessary with enormous rooms, either. You can always refine the use to suit the purpose. If you have a dining area, let it be a dining room & make space for many. Put two tables together for the space & mix different chairs to make it less formal. Try to keep focus on the main function to avoid a messy impression or environment.

We all have things that requires storage, which also should be easy to use when necessary. Everything doesn’t need to be visible. Especially when there are loads of clever usage of walls for open or closed storage. Also stylish beds, sofas, bookshelves & patio furniture to use for convenient storage. Endless possibilities, if you so wish. I will not dwell on the subject, but more show attractive solutions with long seating. Whether it’s sofas, dining table or the like. Just because I am so childishly fond of that.

stadshem1. Great “sitting” room / stadshem

pinterst.com2. A loooong space with view / pinterest.com

hilton-vanderhorn.com3. Aloooong the windows / hilton-vanderhorn.com

@mycasa kuddar4. A loooong sofa from one of my favourite blogs / atmycasa.blogspot.com

myscandinavianretreat5. Space for many / myscandinavianretreat

development.spacecph.dk6. Space for some more / development.spacecph.dk

vtwonwn.nl7. Extra space along the wall / vtwonen.nl

bungalowclassic.tumblr.com8. For the many friends / bungalowclassic.tumblr.com

justthedesign.com9. Designer chairs around the loooong table  / justthedesign.com

desiretoinspire10. Lots of space /  desiretoinspire

archiphile.tumblr.com11. Many chairs & it’s not looking crowded / archiphile.tumblr.com

tumblr.com12. Many more seats / tumblr.com

svenskfastighetsformedling.se13. Comfortable & inviting / svenskfastighetsformedling.se

interiorsguiden14. Loooots of space / interiorsguiden.se

myparadissi.com15. Great outdoor space / myparadissi.com

Take care / Marie

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Something in rattan

I was looking around for a laundry basket the other day. We have a stylish thing in black & white at home, with good handles that’s roomy inside. It has now become a bit flimsy & worn so it’s about time to trade up. Rattan wasn’t top of mind & probably not the type of material I generally would look for, although a chair or chairs,would suit me fine. I’ve always liked rattan in the summer, in the garden.

My mother in law had period when she painted baskets in a typical blue colour from her childhood. She then decorated them in a white pattern that became her signum. I had these baskets everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, garage, playroom & the backyard. I was quite tired of the blue colour & rattan, for quite a while to come, after that. Natural materials are nice in general & rattan has the advantage to age neat & becomes more beautiful with time. I am hereby healed from past experience & ready for this beautiful material … colorless, white, black or with some color of some sort.

cez viapFancy shapes / cez via pinterest

79ideasNice addition for a more individual expression / 79ideas

alvhem I like this design, wonder whether it is rattan or something else / alvhemmakleri

countrylivingmagazine/ Traditional style / countrylivingmagazine

basiclabelsweden.blogspot.caPerfect everywhere / basiclabelsweden.blogspot.ca

tinekhome Summer feeling / tinekhome

spirainredning.seUncoloured & untreated / spirainredning.se

sundayinbed.tumblr.comRattan & Leather / sundayinbed.tumblr.com

makelivingPerfect bathroom accessories / makeliving

poppytalk.blogspotCool design / poppytalk.blogspot

spirainredning.se Nice in combination with white / spirainredning.se

conceptbyannaWhite on white / conceptbyanna

svenngaarden.blogspotOutdoor styling / svenngaarden.blogspot

sanna&sania Repaint your basket to a color that suits you / sanna&sania

sofiar Simply beautiful / sofiar via pinterst

Take care / Marie

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