It’s the details what makes it. On the other hand, why bother to develop or improve things at all. Sometimes it’s hard to say what makes a pleasant environment & other less so. It’s exciting when there are small things to discover, things that are not visible at once. As a story that begins gently & ends in a cascade of events.

All those little details that makes the day.

remainsimple.tumblr1. Everyday use / remainsimple.tumblr

ochre.net2. Green details /

ingerstedt3. Corner decor /

theyallhateus.com4. Pink tassels /


5. Outdoor accessories / atmycasa

style.com6. Oversized design /

livethemma.se7. Yellow doors /

Petra Bindel8. Mirrored details / Petra Bindel

desiretoinspire 9. Framed with postcards / desiretoinspire

marymadethis 10. Decorative stuff / marymadethis

mokkasin11. Sweet things / mokkasin

decor812. Arrangement / decor 8

ingerstedt via pinterest.com13.  Character / via

dusty14.  Stacked  / dusty

google.com15. Accessories /

Take care / Marie

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